Mike Gadsby

Mike Gadsby

Mike Gadsby

Mike entered the world of pedigree dogs and dog shows in his early teens, working as a kennel boy for a well-known Pyrenean Mountain Dog breeder. Fast forward over 35 years and he is more involved in the dog world than ever, and more passionate. Although Mike is one of Britain’s most successful exhibitors, across a wide variety of breeds, he says, “I still feel that this hasn’t stopped me from truly believing that I am no more than one of the grass roots enthusiasts which together make the biggest majority of our sport. Sadly we are ruled by a much smaller minority, many of whom have little understanding of our views. My viewpoint is firmly aligned with the regular show goers.”

Mike awards Challenge Certificates across numerous groups and is a Championship show Best in Show judge. He has judged in many countries around the world but still considers himself a breeder and exhibitor first and foremost.

Mike reflects, “Last year’s Kennel Club AGM saw me representing a huge majority literally begging to be heard. Our efforts to `bridge the gap fell on deaf ears and now we are faced with one of the biggest PR disasters our hobby has ever had to deal with. I believe the main aspect of the Canine Alliance is about giving representation and a voice to the thousands of us so passionately devoted to our dogs and the various activities we undertake with them. I am proud to be involved with this group and pray it may be a step towards greater empathy and democracy from our Kennel Club.”


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